This tool was developed to caption the Midwest Drupal Camp (MidCamp) in Chicago when a hearing impaired individual asked about accessibility. According to him, this approach worked amazingly well. While it was not perfect, it was a game-changer for him. Before, he would never go to camps. Now, he wants to go to all the camps. We are excited to share and continue to refine.

Our goal is not to replace CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) or Interpreters. Instead, we are aiming to provide a reliable, no-cost tool to make events more accessible where there would otherwise be nothing. Unfortunately, there isn’t always enough budget to meet the needs of all your attendees. This project is an effort to make events more accessible in the face of the financial barrier.

Live Captioning is our first open source project, and your suggestions and feedback are welcome. The project is in a pre-beta phase and is liable to change at any time.